About Avocent

Envrironmental Policy

Our commitment to the environment

Avocent is committed to operating in a manner that is compatible with our environment and is good for our communities, our employees, and our customers. We are working with our partners and suppliers to build systems, processes and structures to minimize the social and environmental impact of our design, manufacturing, and operating practices.

Additionally, Avocent and our suppliers are developing a plan that will adhere to national and other applicable laws and regulations governing protection of the environment, worker health and safety, and employment practice wherever we and they do business. We will also develop a plan to establish management systems (policies, plans and performance measures) that are designed to implement these requirements, and ensure ongoing compliance with them.

Avocent Corporation is also committed to eliminating environmentally hazardous substances from our products as defined in the current EU’s RoHS Directive. Avocent top management is firmly committed to this task, and has established a special action team to ensure compliance in a complete and timely manner of which this writer is also a member.

The RoHS Directive restricts the use of certain substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium and two flame retardants - PBB and PBDE) in electrical and electronic products sold in the European Union after July 1, 2006, and Avocent intends to be fully compliant as of that date.

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