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    Release Notes: SST Driver for Windows 2000/XP/2003

    Installation Instructions

    Note: this product is for Intel and Intel-compatible IA32 systems only.

    Download the posted self-extracting exe file. Click on the downloaded file, click on it, and unzip files. You may specify path of subdirectory in which to place files. Make a note of it.

    To update the driver on Windows XP follow the steps below:

    To launch the Device Manager:

    1. Right click on My Computer.

    2. Choose Properties.

    3. Choose Hardware.

    4. Click on Device Manager button. You will see a view of all devices installed in your system.

    To update the driver:

    1. Expand the Multiport Serial Adapters Device Class in the Device Manager.

    2. Right-click the Equinox SST Adapter card name. Choose Update.

    3. Choose Install from a disk or specific location (Advanced). Click Next.

    4. Select "Don’t Search – I will choose the driver to install", and click Next.

    5. Click the Have Disk button.

    6. Browse to where driver files located (path which you specified when unzipping from the downloaded exe file) and click OK. The file to use is asynceqn.inf. (This is the bus driver .inf file.)

    7. Click on Open. Click OK after the open. Click Next.

    8. If the update driver is not digitally signed, the "Digital Signature Not Found" dialog box will appear. You will be asked if you want to continue the installation. Click Continue Anyway.

    9. Windows will copy files to Windows subdirectories and update the registry. Click on Finish.

    Release Notes for Windows 2000, XP and 2003 SST Driver

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Other issues with EqmMALNT.dll, the inf files and the eqmloop.exe.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Port concentrators would not show up in EquiView Plus for all the Upgrade drivers.
    2. Megapoll was starting too early.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Automated build that supports IA64.
    2. Automates build that supports X64.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed SERIAL_EV_TXEMPTY.  Now it works correctly and is set when Q0_DATA_CT_0_EVENT is set.  Before the event would be set when data was still in the card for output for the channel.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed where the SST-MM4P would not clean up the registry for its modems on an uninstall.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed where the SST-MM4P would give a Blue Screen on installation.
    2. Fixed where the SST-MM4P would install with 8 ports.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed where the AT Cmd would not work in Equiview Plus with the MultiModem. 

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed BSOD during driver / board initization for the SST-4P/RJ.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Fixed when upgrading our driver from the WHQL driver on the CD we would get a "Comfirm File Replace" message that eqnlogr.exe, eqnloop.exe and eqndiag.exe are target files that exist and are newer than the source.
    2. Fixed when running the Enhanced Datascope with Verifier enabled we would sometimes get a BSOD.
    3. Fixed where Eqndiag would not show the correct information. 
    4. Fixed where Eqnlogr does not show anything other than begin logger and end logger. 

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Added eqmbrds.dat to the installation package because the MIB requires it for Equiview Plus to "see" the boards. 
    2. Changed asynceqn.inf to not copy mdmeqn.inf because Chkinf said it was an error.
    3. Added eqmloop.exe to the installation package because the MIB requires it for loopback to work from within Equiview Plus.
    4. Added eqmscope.exe to the installation package because Equiview Plus requires it for the enhanced datascope to work.
    5. Changed mdmeqn.inf to pass the Chkinf test from the HCT 11.2.

    Release Notes for Version

    1. Added support for the Equiview Plus.
    2. Added support for the following SST hardware:
      SST_4_PCI_UNIV = "Equinox SST-4P Universal Low Profile PCI Adapter"
      SST_4_PCI_RJ = "Equinox SST-4P/RJ PCI Adapter"
      SST_4_PCI_PWR = "Equinox SST-4P/PWR PCI Adapter"
      SST_8_PCI_RJ = "Equinox SST-8P/RJ PCI Adapter"
      SST_8_PCI_PWR = "Equinox SST-8P/PWR PCI Adapter"
      SST_16_PCI = "Equinox SST-16P PCI Adapter"
      SST_MM4_PCI = "Equinox SST-MM4P PCI Adapter"
      SST_MM8_PCI = "Equinox SST-MM8P PCI Adapter"
      SST_4_ISA_PNP_RJ = "Equinox SST-4I/RJ ISA/PnP Adapter"
      SST_4_ISA_PNP_PWR = "Equinox SST-4I ISA/PnP PWR Adapter"
      SST_8_ISA_PNP_RJ = "Equinox SST-8I/RJ ISA/PnP Adapter"
      SST_8_ISA_PNP_PWR = "Equinox SST-8I ISA/PnP PWR Adapter"
    3. Fixed the monitor view for the MM4 and MM8 to display correctly in Equiview Plus.
    4. Fixed a problem where the Multimodem would not be detected correctly by serenum.sys.I put in a delay in IRP_MN_START for now because this will fix problems for plug-n-play modems attached to any SST board. I found the problem is really in the coinstaller where we install each port twice. This is a technique that can be removed so that port claiming is done like the esp. When do that then this delay can be removed.
    5. Fixed the coinstaller so that the service eqmstart.exe is stopped when the last SST board is uninstalled so that eqn.sys will unload, this also works driver update when only one board is installed.
    6. Added to the coinstaller the SecurePath Text Entry that is used by the Enhanced Data Scope.
    7. Fixed EqmMALNT.dll so that the board level Monitor of all the ports of the Multimodem works with Equiview Plus.
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