Interface™ Alliance Program


The Interface Alliance Program offers technology and business partners the opportunity to gain business leverage by taking advantage of the technology, resources, and partner base needed to deliver increased customer value. Interface is the Avocent program for external vendors whose products and services serve customers with IT infrastructure and whose offerings are complementary to Avocent solutions. Vendors have access to Avocent technology resources to analyze their products to ensure compatibility and complimentary value.

Avocent Interface Alliance offers two methods to deliver that value: Technology (ISV/IHV or Independent Software and Hardware Vendors) and Business partnering. Both partnership opportunities offer the partner a best practices method to enter the program at the appropriate level and to progress with Avocent to a higher level of sales, customer service and value.

Interface for Technology Partners

Technology partnering opportunities exist for independent software and hardware vendors who seek opportunities to increase their solution’s value in combination with Avocent products, solutions and services. Within the Interface Program technology level, partners have the opportunity to integrate Avocent technology into their own via the Software Developers Kit (SDK)* option provided by Avocent along with increasing levels of support for test and customization based on the partner needs.

Opportunities exist to integrate a partners technology into Avocent products and solutions at the discretion of Avocent Corporation based upon the current fit to the strategic direction of Avocent. Finally, customers may also participate in this level to improve their own integration of solutions into their infrastructure management systems.

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Interface for Business Partners

The Business Partner level is designed for vendors who desire to have a business, co-marketing or co-selling relationship with Avocent. Avocent offers two types of business relationships within the program based on the depth of engagement. The Authorized tier offers partners a means to formally engage Avocent sales and marketing for delivering a more robust solution and value to the same channel partner and customer set.

Business Partners benefit from improved access to corporate sales and channel marketing expertise and by allowing Partners to access a broad range of our solutions. Partners benefit by offering significant new products to customers. Strategic partnerships are structured on the basis of mutual agreement and a mutual desire to maximize a deep relationship to drive common marketing and sales efforts to expand each other’s business into new frontiers. Strategic Partners and Avocent together drive multiple and engage common marketing and sales efforts to expand each other’s businesses to capture new customers and additional markets.

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